martes, 26 de febrero del 2019
Chiara te levanta las nalgas con 4 consejos
La Fitness Model & Coach italiana, Chiara Pugliesi, tiene 4 importantes e interesantes consejos para las mujeres que frecuentan los gimnasios y están deseosas de mejorar el tamaño y volumen de sus glúteos y muslos.

Chiara, quien reside en Manchester, Inglaterra, y compartió en entrevista con el mes pasado, enumera aquí su solución al 'problema'...

1️⃣ "Mind-muscle connection. You need to visualise the muscle you are training and between the sets, envision yourself doing the next lift. This is how you use your mind to build your body."

2️⃣ "Go HEAVY- “the basis of bodybuilding is developing muscles by lifting heavy weights”, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Obviously, this is not the only way to build muscles as you should pair it with “the training to get a pump” too. However, you should always aim to develop your strength and set PRs as you progress."

3️⃣ "Do what works- every individual is genetically, and physiologically different. Therefore, what works great for someone might not work great for you. That’s why I always say to my clients and I put in my plan that you need to learn to “feel” your body how to react to a certain exercise. Learn what works for you."

4️⃣ Squats don’t build a booty! There is a common misconception that squatting is the best exercise for booty building. Squats are a good compound movement that you should not neglect. However, they target your quads more than glutes. Experiment other exercises, focus on hip thrusts and learn what works FOR YOU