martes, 05 de marzo del 2019
Chiara: 'Se quitan demasiado rápido'
La reconocida Fitness Model e Influencer italiana, Chiara Pugliesi, expresa en su más reciente post en Instagram su frustración por lo rápido que mucha gente se raja de su gimnasio con a penas dos meses de intento.

La entrenadora residente en Manchester, Inglaterra, y quien le concedió una entrevista a el mes pasado, insiste que los resultados en el gym, y la transformación física que muchos anhelan sólo va a llegar con paciencia, sacrificio y compromiso...

"The number one reason why people don’t achieve the results they want is because they give up too quickly. They expect the magic to happen overnight. Who has ever said it was easy?...
I have seen plenty of girls signing up to a gym in January and going for the first 2 months & then giving up. I am sorry but you can’t achieve your dream body in 2 months. You have to work hard consistently and stick to a plan! Stop wishing for the impossible to happen because there is no shortcut for hard work. You want a great body, you want abs, you want to feel confident, whatever it is you want you have TO WORK FOR IT. This doesn’t only apply to fitness but to anything in life...
You have to be able to get out of that comfort zone, stop being scared, stop dreaming about it and start putting the effort and work in TODAY...
If you need help with your workouts, visit the link in my bio and get ready to work hard, stop wishing and start doing instead."