viernes, 05 de abril del 2019
Joe triunfa en el Fitness tras rechazar el '9-to-5'
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"Me niego rotundamente a recibir órdenes en un trabajo"...

Con esa honestidad, Joe Wachs nos explica cómo llegó a escoger, entrenar y dedicar su tiempo y enfoque a la profesión de Fitness Coach & Model.

Joe siempre quiso trabajar por su cuenta, y aprovechó su pasión por las pesas y los gimnasios para hacer de su hobby una alternativa viable para vivir.

Mr. Wachs es oriundo de los suburbios de Chicago. Actualmente sigue en la 'Ciudad de los Vientos' pero en el downtown.

El cotizado atleta fitness admite que los esteroides son comúnmente utilizados en la vecindad del fisiculturismo. Este es uno de los temas de los que nos habla Joe, así como de los implantes en las nalgas, en la siguiente entrevista con

[Nutrition World @ Manatí y Hatillo, pronto Trujillo]


What do you do for living?

» JOE WACHS, Fitness Model & Coach «

"I went to school at Western Michigan University but I am currently not enrolled anymore because I’m following my dream as a fitness model and fitness coach. I’ve been full-time with this traveling 3 to 4 times a month for shoots almost every single weekend and managing over 25 high paid clientele."

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What was your inspiration, motivation to do a sports career in Fitness Modeling and Coaching?


"I absolutely refuse to take orders from others, and I wanted to create a way of making it anytime you’re doing what I love and using my knowledge that I had to help others achieve greatness. I will never work a 9-to-5 in my life and I will be my own boss forever." .

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Are you OK with women having implants at her glutes to be Fitness Models?


"Completely fine with women having fake boobs, but having a fake glutes is very irrelevant and dumb. You can grow glutes very easily if you work hard. But you can’t grow a chest."

[World Fitness Centers @ San Juan, Caguas y Bayamón]

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What’s your opinion about steroids at some body building neighborhoods? Any advice about this issue, for young guys starting in this sport?


"I think steroids are very beneficial and powerful tool and they’re definitely needed if you’re relying on being just a bodybuilder. If you want to take it to the next level and actually be one of the best in the world there’s no possible way to do it naturally....

I think it’s very safe if use them correctly and don’t abuse them, and all will work in your favor...

For young guys starting I would recommend to start with something a bit smaller and actually use your genetic potential to it’s max before wasting your time and money to start something that will affect you long-term without you knowing your true success rate without it."

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How much does the social networks have change the Fitness business?


"Social media has change the world and especially the world of bodybuilding. You can be a pro bodybuilder and no one to care about you at all and you can be broke for all we know...

If you don’t have a personality and something people can learn from you or get from you or enjoy to look at and entertain you will go nowhere in this industry because having a good body means nothing nowadays unless there something behind it with brains....

Everyone can look good but what’s going to separate you from everyone else."

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When you look at the mirror, what do you see?


"When I look in the mirror I see confidence and happiness. I’m very happy with how I look and where I’m at, and I know exactly where I’m going. I feel I will be the best in the world and take over and control the industry very soon."