sábado, 04 de mayo del 2019
Bajó 125 libras hasta llegar a Fitness Model
Paula Vico realizó una transformación física impresionante. De 302 libras bajó a 176 lbs. en un periodo razonable y saludable de dos años. Bajó en peso, y aumentó en masa y definición muscular. Hoy día es toda una Fitness Model & Influencer, una de las más populares en su natal Australia.

Vico vive en Brisbane, Queensland, en la isla continente en Oceanía, donde el Fitness Modeling está en boga. Hay un enorme crecimiento y entusiasmo entre las féminas por la industria del Fitness en Australia.

Paula no sólo posa para las cámaras y aconseja a sus seguidores en las redes sociales, sino que también está terminando sus certificaciones de nivel 3 y 4 como instructora -Personal Trainer -

Es encomiable ver el sacrificio y esfuerzo de la joven Vico para llegar donde está físicamente. A su vez nos provoca mucho entusiasmo ver cómo la tendencia del Fitness Modeling femenino se sigue expandiendo por todo el planeta.

Vico es un vivo ejemplo de que las 'Curvy Models' están muy solicitadas.


What do you do for living?

» PAULA VICO, Fitness Model & Influencer «

"At the moment I do administrative work. However in the next few months I will be a qualified personal trainer."

«« HVM »»

Looks like you have a very important and interesting body weight transformation story to tell us. Can you, please?


"Thank you very much, gladly. Well I went from 137kg / 302lbs to 80kg / 176lbs in approx 2.5 years...

I had already been lifting for about 8 years so all I changed was my mindset and my diet. I cut out all processed foods as I was consuming far too much of. I did cut my calories a lot initially, but after 6 months I started to increase them again as my weight loss stalled and my training sessions got more demanding...

All I can say is if you truly want to change you will! There are no short cuts and it is friggin hard work both physically and mentally. I won’t lie it is not smooth sailing by any means.... but if you are hungry enough for YOU WILL get there!"

«« HVM »»

How’s your diet nowadays, any secret?


"There are no secrets, it just a matter of a complete lifestyle change and incorporating nutritious foods that I enjoy eating. Unless I am cutting for a comp or need to address certain food intolerance I personally prefer to stick to a well balance nutrition plan primarily coming from non processed foods..

I am still human and definitely like my chocolate here and there."

[NUTRITION WORLD @ Manatí, Hatillo y Trujillo]

«« HVM »»

How important and respected is women’s Fitness in your country?


"I believe it’s very important for all women to feel they can participate and / or compete in any form of fitness related sports. There is a lot of interest and respect in Australia within the health and fitness industry and it only appears to be gaining more and more popularity in all aspects of Fitness...

This is great to see and be a part of.".

«« HVM »»

How have you got that big and strong thighs and glutes?


"I’m slightly blessed with my father’s genetics, although it still takes a lot of consistency, hard work and heavy lifting in the gym. In addition to that eating enough quality foods for fuel and recovery is vital for both building and maintaining mass on an overall well conditioned physique."

«« HVM »»

Can you detail your weekly exercise schedule?


"It varies depending of my goals but here is an example of a 5 day split...

Legs: Squats, Leg press, Bulgarian squats, Walking lunges, AB work...

Chest, Triceps: Chest press, Flyers, Close grip press, Tri rope push down and Tri ext...

Legs: Sumo DLs, RDL, Leg curls, Single leg KB DLs, AB work...


Legs: Box squats, Hip thrust, GHR, Pull throughs, Farmer carry, AB work...

Back, shoulders, Biceps: Lat Pull downs, Seated rows, Single arm rows, Shoulder press, Lateral raise, Hammer curls, bicep curls.


«« HVM »»

Do you see a better and more relevant future to curvy women in Fitness Modelling?


"Absolutely!! Opinions are always changing and what is new and different today is quickly becoming more accepted and in demand tomorrow. There are so many amazing physiques around the world of all different shapes and sizes. I’m excited to see what the future holds for curvy women in Fitness modelling."

When you see yourself at the mirror, what do you see?


"I see a person whom has achieved and overcome many hurdles to get to where I am. I am extremely proud of myself, however I know I'm capable of so much more and wont be stopping anytime soon. Love me or hate me I don't care I will always continue to do what I do and of course grow a little more!"