martes, 18 de mayo del 2021
Se despide Ramón Clemente del TeamPUR
El delantero de la selección nacional de baloncesto de Puerto Rico, Ramón Clemente, entiende que ya es momento de despedirse del TeamPUR y la competencia FIBA luego de 9 años de servicio.

Este es el mensaje que redactó Clemente en Instagram:

"I can’t believe I’m actually writing this but after 9 years committed to the National Team of Puerto Rico I finally decided to retire from the program. Countless nights where this decision was on my mind heavy but in all honesty the same way I was given opportunity to change my life I feel I should pass that over to the next player trying to change his.

I want to Thank Paco Almos for giving me my first shot at inviting to my first Practice to showcase my talent. This spot was always earned never given. A fair shot was given and that’s what I respected from him the most. To my Comrades/teammates that I went to war with those who retired and currently playing thank you so much for the experience. I literally represented the Island of Puerto Rico being 1 of 12 Puerto Rican’s for 9 consistent years and it’s still feels like a dream to me. Blood, sweat, tears, missing time at home just to wave my flag