martes, 13 de abril del 2021
Jasmine Camacho y su exitoso regreso a las vallas
Jasmine Camacho corrió en 12.47 los 100 metros con vallas el pasado fin de semana en el Gamecock Invitational en Columbia, South Carolina. Aunque fue con más del viento permitido sigue siendo un tiempo extraordinario considerando que no corría ese evento en dos años.

Para que tengas idea, el oro en los 100 vallas en Río 2016 se ganó con 12.48 (Brianna Rollins, USA).

Aquí está el video de la veloz carrera de Jasmine en Carolina del Sur:

Esta fue su reacción en sus redes sociales tras la competencia:

"The past 2 years have been very shaky for me. I left for Orlando not knowing what the future may hold. There’s been so many times I started questioning was I even a hurdler anymore or was track even what I wanted to do. I had so many doubts. I didn’t know what was coming my way but I never slacked in practice. In December of 2020, my hurdle coach, John Coghlan, flew all the way from Ireland just to coach me in hurdles while Coach Gary Evans was my sprints coach. They both worked together just for me and I appreciate them so much for that. I don’t have a hurdling partner. I’m all alone in the hurdles so everyday is truly a grind.

Now everything with hurdling isn’t perfect but if it weren’t for them to push me and constantly talking to me, Idk where I would be.

Today, I thought a 12.9 would be what I would open up with. It’s been 2 years since I hurdled so I was very scared. Teeth numb. Heart racing. I shocked myself. Opening up with 12.47 (2.1) should’ve been 2.0 but whatever lol

This gave me reassurance and confidence again. I’m back! And nothing is stopping me."